ASUS Eee PC 901 vs. MSI Wind NB U100

Let's face it, the popular ASUS Eee PC that spawned from the idea of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project has for several months been the only product that has prominently formed this netbook category of products. However today, many competitors have jumped on to the netbook bandwagon, some of which have started retailing recently and some others that are still in production pipeline. With this sudden interest spike in getting a small and handy predominantly Internet-based companion, many netbook followers have no doubt been waiting for this moment to find out just how the Eee PC formula (the sole option in the market previously) now fares against new competition.

Intel's Atom processors are the new market drivers in this netbook segment and luckily for you, we got our hands on the MSI Wind NB U100 and the ASUS Eee PC 901 - the first netbooks to sport this new processor and we'll be pitting them against each other in this shootout! You're probably wondering why we're pitting the Eee PC 901 instead of the more appropriate and recently launched Eee PC 1000 against the Wind NB U100, but unfortunately review units weren't quite ready, but nevertheless we went ahead to compare these two popular netbook options to give you a good understanding of their capabilities and help you decide what's best. Of course, both machines have their own strengths/weaknesses and we've weighed them carefully in our considerations. So first off, we'll be looking at each individual netbook separately before finally bringing them both together for a much anticipated duel.

The MSI Wind NB U100 versus the familiar looking ASUS Eee PC 901. Stormtrooper white versus Darth Vader black!

We grabbed a HP 2133 Mini-Note PC for a quick comparison before we started our shootout proper. The Wind NB U100 was of the same size as the HP 2133 Mini-Note

All three units were pretty much the same thickness, so those looking for a super slim netbook will be out of luck for now.

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