iPhone more popular than Mas Selamat

Somewhat remarkably, Singapore's Google users looked up '3g iphone' more than they did 'mas selamat' this year. On Google's list of search trends for 2008, '3g iphone' was number 5 on the list of local searches in Google News. Escaped fugitive Mas Selamat only managed 9th position, ahead of paddler Feng Tianwei, though to be fair, 'singapore terrorist' was number 3 on that list. The top search term on Google News from Singapore was 'singapore olympics'.

In other fascinating but non-iPhone related discoveries, Maxwell hawker centre was the top hawker centre looked up, beating Newton, while chicken rice grabbed pole position on the local food list, ahead of 'punggol crab noodle'.

The most popular search term from Singapore was 'lyrics' (why??) while Hong Kong actor 'Edison Chen' was the fastest rising search term after his sex photos hit the web. (Update: the iPhone was number 4 on the fastest rising list).

Click here for Google's full list.

Source: The Singapore Iphone

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