Oh!!!! Mr. Singaporean and Mrs. Singaporeans

A Singaporean father made up his own rules and demanded to have sex with his daughters. His wives, who allowed him to do so, will receive sentencing from the court in two weeks' time. The women are on trial for persuading six of their young daughters, aged between 12 and 15, to have sex with their natural father from 2004 to 2005. The three mothers had pleaded guilty and were supposed to be sentenced on Wednesday. But sentencing was adjourned because the judge wanted more information on the mental state of the victims. Based on the findings, Defence Counsel Wee Pan Lee argued that it is important for the mothers to be present to provide support for the victims. But Deputy Public Prosecutor Eugene Lee said the mothers did not perform their duty in protecting their daughters, resulting in two of them going through abortion. The father, a 46-year-old businessman and religious teacher, is now serving a 32-year and 24-stroke sentence.
Source: Channel Newsasia

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