Six killed during Myanmar's water festival

Six people were killed and 71 injured during military-run Myanmar's raucous four-day water festival marking Buddhist New Year, state media reported Thursday.
Two revellers were killed and 42 injured during quarrels, while three people drowned, the New Light of Myanmar newspaper said.
Car accidents killed one and injured 29 during the Thingyan festival, which ran from April 13 to 16.
"As some revellers did not comply with the regulations, the undesirable accidents occurred during the festive period," the government-run paper said.
Thingyan offers the people of this isolated junta-run state the rare chance for mass public celebrations. Public gatherings are usually banned here.
Myanmar's authorities warned people not to shout political slogans or create unrest during the festival, and also urged people not to wear indecent clothing.
No political incidents were reported, but bikinis, mini-skirts and other skimpy and outrageous outfits could be seen across the capital.
A similar water festival takes place in neighbouring Thailand, where 361 people died in road accidents -- most caused by drink driving -- over the Buddhist holiday period.

Source: Internet News

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