Why do they focus only on protests despite there was issue for double taxation case?

Police have issued a stern warning against those who organise and participate in illegal assemblies.

This follows an assembly of a group of Myanmese nationals dressed in white at the Orchard MRT Station last Saturday (25 August).

They later headed for the City Hall MRT Station.

Police say the the intent of the assembly, which did not have a police permit, was to show support for fellow Myanmese who had been protesting back in Myanmar.

In the past few weeks, the capital of Yangon and other townships in in Myanmar have witnessed a series of protests against fuel price hikes, leading to several arrests.

Investigations indicate the assembly in Singapore was organised through the short messaging service (SMS).

Twenty-three Myanmese nationals are now assisting police in their investigations, including three who are believed to have initiated the SMS messages.

Following reports that there will be another similar assembly this weekend, Police have reminded the public they should not participate in an assembly or procession that does not have a permit as it is an offence to do so. - CNA

Source: CNA

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